Marketing Phenom – How to Make A Niche Blog Fast

Looking to learn the essentials of creating a niche blog for short term AND long term success?

It is very simple to do, and if you work hard and are consistent you will achieve your results over a period of time with the proper resources.

The first step to creating a niche blog is to simply find a niche that you want to step into. There are so many out there, but my mentor told me that the top three most profitable niches are health, dating, and business opportunity niches.

I’m going to break down the health niche a little bit to give you an idea as to how to find niches. What I would do if I was in the health niche I would go ahead and just look for either the fitness area, medicinal area, or illness area. They’re all interrelated, but the more specific you get the better.

Let’s say for example that I went and targeted the illness area of the health niche. What I would then do is look for specific illnesses and do some more studying and research. For example I could find cardiovascular diseases such as Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Heart valve disorders, and so on. From here on out I would still want to do more research.

I chose this area of the niche because I know that if I could provide useful information for people researching this topic I can save a life, help someone relieve their symptoms or illnesses, or refer them to a medical professional which can heal them. I could also offer an affiliate book from an authorized expert in the niche to promote to them only after I carefully found out what their needs were through an email if I were to gather leads from this niche.

What I do next is simply look up the common symptoms related to each types of these diseases. For example, a person may type in the words, “I have ____” which could be Severe headache, Fatigue or confusion, Vision problems, or Chest pain.

I would then simply go ahead and even go deeper into the niche by finding the various types of medicines, prescriptions and procedures that could happen. What I want you to do is not just simply think that this is available for the health niche, because every niche has their own sub-niche.

The first step is finding out a specific topic and simply digging deeper for keywords that are related to any niche. You can even go as far as looking up slang words, or just odd communication that people do within that niche. Creating a blog like this is simply and it only requires time, energy and effort to make happen.

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