Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Enhance Your Expert Status

Why do you want to position yourself as the expert? Because people look for experts to solve a particular problem, people have more trust in experts, and people are willing to pay more for experts.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend more time and money to get more letters behind your name before others consider you as an expert. Whether you are perceived as an expert depends a large part on how you position yourself – and creating content in your area of specialty is an excellent way of putting yourself in front of your target market as an expert.

Here are a few ways that you can leverage content to build your expert status:


Posting on your own blog regularly is, in my opinion, the easiest and fastest way to accumulate a body of content that will help position you as an expert. The key is to focus on the area of your specialty, go deep and provide relevant and valuable information. Do not write about everything and anything – you may have more people reading your posts at the beginning, but it will do nothing to help you reach your target market – it’s like throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something will stick – not effective.

Guest blogging is another great way to expend your reach and put your expertise in front of more people. Select websites that share your target audience to contribute to. Make sure you include in your submission a bio – a brief description of your services and your expertise, and let people know how to find you by including your website URL. You can also use this an opportunity to grow you list by directing people to sign up for your free gift – which is another way to grow your business with content.


Having a “book” is a great way to boost your expert status. Good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch. Pick a topic that resonates with your target audience, create an outline, and then look through your blog posts, articles, and anything else you have written. You should be able to compile these content together to form a good part of the book. Now you can see what you are missing and create content to fill in the blanks.


Video with content covering your area of specialty not only positions you as an expert, but also increases the “like, know and trust” factor by giving your audience a face and a voice to relate to. You can create video from your blog post content, or you can do “video blog”. Don’t worry about having a lot to say – in fact, you want to keep it short and sweet so that you audience will actually watch your video (for me, I usually just file the item under “to catch up later” if the video is too long – which of course, rarely gets watched). When you post your video on YouTube (you should, it’s the second most searched site on the interwebs), make sure you include relevant keywords indicating your area of expertise so that people can find you.

Information Products

When you share your knowledge using an information product, people would see you as an expert because you are teaching something. If you have been writing and talking about your topic of expertise for a while, you probably don’t have to start from scratch. Pick a hot topic, create an outline, and then look through the content that you have already created. Compile your existing content and then you will be able to see what materials you need to generate to fill the gap.

Info Flyer for Referral Partners

Your referral partners are probably regarded as an expert by their clients or patients. If they share the information written by you with their clients, you will very likely be considered as an authority. You can appropriate your existing content, such as blog post, into a flyer format, which you can distribute to your partners to share with their clients. You are helping them add value to what they are giving their clients, while positioning yourself as a resource for their clients (your potential clients). Don’t forget to add some information about your services on these flyers – your area of expertise, information about your services, how to learn more and how to contact you.

You don’t have to create fresh content for each of these media – people who see your videos may not come across your blog posts. Your eBooks and your information products can be a compilation of your best blog posts on a specific topic – most people would not have read all your blog posts, and even if they do, they would appreciate having all the relevant information in one place in the case of an ebook, or paired with additional information and resources in the case of an information product.

Don’t be shy – look through what you have and you will be surprised how much you have to share!

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Marketing Phenom – How to Make A Niche Blog Fast

Looking to learn the essentials of creating a niche blog for short term AND long term success?

It is very simple to do, and if you work hard and are consistent you will achieve your results over a period of time with the proper resources.

The first step to creating a niche blog is to simply find a niche that you want to step into. There are so many out there, but my mentor told me that the top three most profitable niches are health, dating, and business opportunity niches.

I’m going to break down the health niche a little bit to give you an idea as to how to find niches. What I would do if I was in the health niche I would go ahead and just look for either the fitness area, medicinal area, or illness area. They’re all interrelated, but the more specific you get the better.

Let’s say for example that I went and targeted the illness area of the health niche. What I would then do is look for specific illnesses and do some more studying and research. For example I could find cardiovascular diseases such as Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Heart valve disorders, and so on. From here on out I would still want to do more research.

I chose this area of the niche because I know that if I could provide useful information for people researching this topic I can save a life, help someone relieve their symptoms or illnesses, or refer them to a medical professional which can heal them. I could also offer an affiliate book from an authorized expert in the niche to promote to them only after I carefully found out what their needs were through an email if I were to gather leads from this niche.

What I do next is simply look up the common symptoms related to each types of these diseases. For example, a person may type in the words, “I have ____” which could be Severe headache, Fatigue or confusion, Vision problems, or Chest pain.

I would then simply go ahead and even go deeper into the niche by finding the various types of medicines, prescriptions and procedures that could happen. What I want you to do is not just simply think that this is available for the health niche, because every niche has their own sub-niche.

The first step is finding out a specific topic and simply digging deeper for keywords that are related to any niche. You can even go as far as looking up slang words, or just odd communication that people do within that niche. Creating a blog like this is simply and it only requires time, energy and effort to make happen.

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